Manufacturing case study


Resolving wage-related conflicts in employment disputes is crucial and should be approached in a fair and amicable manner to ensure satisfactory resolutions only when you maintain all the relevant records and document evidences in a meticulous way.

Problem Statement:
One of our esteemed Client in the manufacturing sector faced the daunting task of dealing with a wage-related dispute, resulting from misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and misinformation about labour laws. Inexperienced and informal handling of the matter led to false accusations of violating minimum wage laws by an aggrieved employee. Consequently, the client received notices and inspections from government authorities. They have sought our assistance in resolving the matter peacefully.

Our Solution & Outcome:
Our team of experts conducted a comprehensive and expedited analysis of the case, diligently preparing the required due diligence and representing our client during the resolution process. We presented a strong counterargument, supported by meticulous documentation, resulting in the dismissal of the employee’s

documentation, resulting in the dismissal of the employee’s claims. The case ultimately ruled in favour of our Client. Our expertise and timely intervention played a pivotal role in taking up this legal battle and bringing it to a successful conclusion, protecting our client from significant penalties. As a result, we maintain our position as the preferred partner for seamlessly handling their legal and compliance matters to this day.